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Humanitarian aid to displaced people from the south and east of Ukraine

We do not stop supporting those in need for the displaced and needy from the East and South of Ukraine.  We try to help not only with food and hygiene, which we need every day, but also to give warmth and support to those people who have lost a lot in the war

These people have literally lost everything and are having a hard time in their new city. Therefore, it is our duty to support and help them. And this is not only an act of humanity, but also a recognition of the importance of uniting our peoples in a difficult moment

Together we can make their lives better!

Lighting Hanukkiah with wounded warriors


Today, our community had the honor of congratulating the wounded defenders of Ukraine on Hanukkah. The fifth candle of the Hanukkah holiday was solemnly lit by the head of the. Hospital and Jewish chaplain David Milman. The event was held under the slogan of unity of our two peoples, who are now fighting for their existence and liberating their lands from the occupiers. I also joined the congratulations and blessed all the soldiers who are defending Ukraine for a speedy recovery. Together we are Power - together to Victory!

Hanukkah with the President


Today, on December 7, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy together with rabbis of Ukrainian cities lit the first candle of the Hanukkah holiday! Hanukkah is a holiday of the victory of a small light over a huge darkness, a holiday of the victory of the few over the many!

I blessed the President of Ukraine on this holy day and wished him strength of spirit, inspiration and G-d's protection for the entire Ukrainian people! May the blessings of the Almighty accompany Ukraine on its path to victory and prosperity!

Support for Israel

On October 7, the whole world witnessed the horrific crimes of the Hamas fascists...

During the Second World War, the German Nazis and their collaborators from various countries committed the Holocaust, killing 6 million Jews with the silent indifference of the entire world. Anyone who tries to facilitate this today and wants this to happen again in our time should ask Hamas about the consequences. I think Hamas has already learned the hard way, and will soon finally realize that the people of Israel should not do evil, because it can simply end very badly for everyone, even for those who simply support the villains. As it is written in our holy psalms, "The Watchman of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers..."


Medical aid


Our volunteer hub in the Jewish miracle town of Anatevka continues to actively help hospitals in the Kyiv region. We ship Israeli humanitarian aid, including crutches, walkers, rollators, urine collectors and much more. Basically, everything that the wounded and victims of the fighting are in dire need of. Together, thanks to the support of our partners, we prove that good always triumphs over evil!

Support is essential


In today's world, where the boundaries between the frontline and civilian life are blurred, every act of support takes on a special meaning. I am delighted to join our Mitzvotanks who are actively continuing their work on the front lines across the country of Israel.

In these circumstances, not only military, but also humanitarian and spiritual support becomes a key factor. It carries not only help and relief from suffering, but also a reminder that we are all one big family, capable of uniting to defeat evil.

Mitzvotank (from the word "mitzvah" - commandment). These are tanks of good deeds, whose light helps to defeat the darkness!

Be sure that wherever the war is, good deeds, unity and faith in G-d will always contribute to victory!