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The most immediate danger facing Ukraine is the impending winter. It is estimated that 40% of all Ukrainian infrastructure has been destroyed by the war, including 35% of the power grid. This destruction, combined with other resource shortages, have left millions – and tens of thousands within the Jewish community – without electricity, clean water, heating, or warm water. As winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop below freezing, a catastrophic humanitarian crisis looms. 

Our massive humanitarian operations have taken on a new urgency, dedicated to saving and improving the lives of Ukrainians during these difficult times. Our efforts our committed to obtaining generators, heaters, warm clothes, and renewable electricity options in order to assist during these winter months. 

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Saving lives in such situation has demanded incredible ingenuity and adaptation. With a lack of available resources, fuel, food, and medical supplies had to be found and purchased. With the help of visionary donors, our team was able to purchase and outfit buses with hospital beds – some of which were retrofitted overnight – to transport the elderly, pregnant women, the wounded, and those with medical complications.

One of our recent operations included organizing a mobile bus that drives between Ukrainian towns, delivering short-term mobile electricity, heating, and warm food to refugees.

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