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The Alliance of Ukrainian Jewish Communities serves the humanitarian and communal needs of over 40 communities across Ukraine, supporting community centers and synagogues. From providing rabbis, social workers and educators, to Jewish burial services, and more, the Alliance support all areas of Jewish life. As a matter of urgency, the goal of the Alliance is to revive Jewish life and restore community spirits. As our talmudic sages teach us, "He who saves one life, has saved an entire universe." To date we have evacuated over 30,000 Jews from war zones throughout Ukraine. 

We recognize that supporting a community also means supporting their spiritual needs. 

Community structure has been thrown into disarray by this war, with many lay leaders and Rabbis no longer present to support their communities. 

The Alliance seeks to restore and rebuild these communities. The Emergency Roadmap Initiative aims to revive jewish communities over the next 12 months and to create physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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