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On February 24, 2022, russian troops invaded the territory of Ukraine and continue to bomb and destroy peaceful cities to this day!


Every day more and more refugees arrive in Kyiv and other cities that are further from the front line, but unfortunately... an incredible number of people and families were left without homes and means of subsistence. A large number of people died, women were left widows, many children became orphans. Our goal is to help them in every possible way!

With constant shelling and airstrikes, there are still residents in the front-line regions of Ukraine who have nowhere to go, are afraid or do not have such an opportunity. These people sit for months in basements, in dilapidated or destroyed houses. Every day russians are trying to destroy them and take away everything that is left from them. Such people need our support and help, we must save them!


The winter period is approaching, which means that the russian army will again begin to shell critical infrastructure and many will be left without heating, the ability to cook food, and possibly without communication... Our task is to prevent the worst-case scenario and bring the necessary equipment (such as generators, fuel for these generators, stoves and solid fuel/wood for them) so that the residents of Ukraine can feed themselves, have hot water and heat!

At the moment, based on the experience of the past days of the war, we can say that the required amount for the functioning of humanitarian, social and medical programs is $10,000,000. This amount will cover the costs of helping refugees and residents of front-line regions for a period of 6 months.

Now from Yom Kippur to Simchat Torah, on these special days, when it is very important to increase Tsedakah - charity and grow spiritually, we decided to hold a Marathon of Survival, a marathon of support and help, a marathon of good deeds and increasing merit! From September 25 to October 9 (inclusive), those who wish to join our Holy work can support Ukraine and save the Ukrainian people! All the good things you have done during this period will multiply and everyone will be blessed by the Almighty! Each of those reading this text has the opportunity to do good and spread it to save human lives!


Below on the page you can see a list of collection purposes and a detailed description of them! This list contains amounts for the purchase of food, medicine, basic necessities for refugees and those in need, and it also contains amounts for the purchase of necessary equipment for the survival of a big part of the population of Ukraine this winter!


Our team consists of hundreds of volunteers who risk their lives every day trying to save people and provide them with the necessary assistance in various regions of Ukraine! Every dollar you send supports this rescue effort and allows us to conduct evacuations and distribute food, medical care and other essential supplies. Thank you and may G-d bless you for your generosity in this great moment of need.

For additional options, please contact

Preparation of 800 hot meals daily for refugees. The cost of one lunch is $4. For monthly provision need is $80,000.

9,000 food and hygiene kits monthly for war-affected families. The cost of one set for a family is $35. To provide kits for 9,000 families, amount will be $315,000 per month (including delivery to all regions of Ukraine).

5 ambulances travel with medical teams to elderly and needy people to provide assistance. Maintenance of one car per month is $10,700 (payment of medical personnel, operators, transportation costs, medical consumables). One car with a team can visit 300 people on average per month. Maintaining 5 cars per month costs $53,500.

Urgent medical operations for war victims. The cost of each of them is $1500. For a month, the average need for such operations is 35. The total amount of 35 operations for those in need per month is $52,500.

A package of necessary medications for the elderly per month is $25 for one person. To provide assistance to 1,300 elderly people per month, $32,500 is needed.

Two “Mobile Unbreakable Point” vehicles, each of which makes 5 trips to front-line regions per month and covers 1000 people in one trip. At the Unbreakable Point, people have the opportunity to drink hot tea or coffee, have a snack, warm up, charge the necessary gadgets and talk with a psychologist. The maintenance of one such mobile point per month costs $23,600, respectively two $47,200.

Provision of religious services by a military chaplain. Trips to the front line to maintain the morale of soldiers, as well as visiting wounded soldiers in hospitals. The average monthly maintenance of the program costs $5,000.

Purchase of 1000 generators for residents of front-line regions, cost of 1 generator 6-8 kW = $900. To purchase and deliver 1000 generators, $900,000 is needed.

Providing fuel for one generator for 5-7 hours a day costs $20. For the winter period (three months) to refuel one generator, $2,520 is needed. Accordingly, for 1000 generators the required amount is $2,520,000.

Purchase of a mini stove (for use in difficult conditions) with a supply of solid fuel for 30 days, cost $570. To use 1000 stoves for 3 months, $1,410,000 is needed.

Purchase of 1 used minibus (15-18 seats) for evacuation and humanitarian missions = $25,000. For the functioning of humanitarian programs, it is necessary to purchase 5 cars worth $125,000 in total.

Purchase of one ambulance: $17,500. For the medical department to fully operate, it is necessary to purchase 3 additional cars. For a total of $52,500.

Purchasing a first aid backpack for one rescuer on the front line costs $400 (including delivery). To purchase 500 pieces, the required amount is $200,000.

Help for children and orphans who lost parents, guardians or breadwinners during the war. The amount for one person is $180 per month. The total amount to provide assistance to 500 people per month is $90,000.


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