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In 2014, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine which displaced thousands of Jews, our community established the Anatevka Refugee Village just outside of Kiev. This refugee village evolved into a beautiful Jewish community that caters not only to the physical needs and healing of refugees, but serves as a flourishing center for nearby Jewish communities, creating affordable homes, jobs, a supportive environment, and a robust education system for boys and girls from preschool through high school, from which many students continued on to higher education.

In response to the Russian invasion in 2022, given Anatevka’s strategic position away from Russian attack targets, the village quickly became a staging ground and operational headquarters for our humanitarian efforts. Some of the elderly people now living in Anatevka are third time war refugees, having gone through the Holocaust, Eastern Ukraine conflict in 2015, and now the 2022 Russian-Ukrainian war.

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Today, we are working on restoring the community and facilities in Anatevka. Hundreds of new refugees are now living in the village and we need additional housing and support. We are also reinstating the school after its war-time suspension.


Read on for more details on our community, including our educational system and our current mission to build a bomb shelter and a new dormitory for the children of displaced families.

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