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Your donation to the Chief Rabbi's Emergency Fund goes directly to supporting Ukrainians-in-need. We are an extremely agile organization, meaning that we are often among the first responders to emergency situations on the ground – as we were in Kherson. This means that your donation goes farther to supporting those who most need help.  


Every dollar you send enables to us to provide food, shelter, and medical aid to the elderly and families, fund Jewish education programs, build new refugee housing units, and provide critical winter relief. 

Our brothers and sisters are in need. They have no one else to turn to. Will you join us in standing with the people of Ukraine?

Your donation of $180 provides 4 families with an emergency food kit, lasting one month.

Your donation of $500 provides a family with a generator to provide heat for the winter.

Your donation of $1800 provides generator fuel for the entire Anatevka Refugee Village for a day, with the capacity to support 300 people.

For additional opportunities, please contact

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